Real Estate & Chartered Surveyors - Valuers

Real Estate Agents (Registration no. 415 & 675)
Our Real Estate department offers a wide range of services to our prestigious customers.

We have a wide list of property inventory, such as houses, apartments, villas, shops, offices, warehouses, stores, plots and fields.

Quality services is our goal and you are our priority. Communication is a very important part of our role. We keep our clients informed, which ensures peace of mind and instills confidence.

Further detailed advice regarding property laws and transactions can be offered by our staff.

Property Valuers
Our Property Valuation department has almost half a century of property valuations experience. If you’re to know you’re residential, commercial or agriculture property market value come to us.

With experience and knowledge of the local market since 1972, we offer a wide range of valuation reports, such as financing, legal, purchase, sales, development, compulsory purchases, mergers, and accounting. All valuation methods are according to RICS & IFRS standard.

We have achieved high acclaim through being particular, thorough and always going the extra mile.

Financial institutions such as banks, cooperative savings banks, financial companies, insurances, advocates, land and property developers, accountants and individuals are some of our customers.

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